Freestyle rapping continues to gain more popularity with Hip Hop fans as time progresses. There are stories of the best emcees waging war in the streets, at schools, and at public parks. Many successful rappers have deep roots in the freestyle scene. Gentlemen like Kurtis Blow, Naz, and many others were not afraid to put their freestyle skills on the line in front of a crowd.

Would you like to become a Hip Hop freestyle legend?

You can do it, but you must be willing to work hard at perfecting your craft. It’s also important for me to mention that it will not happen overnight.

How long will it take for you to reach your stride? This is a difficult question to answer. It really depends on your skill level, passion, and willingness to work hard.


You must be fearless and ambitious if you want to reach the top. The competition is stiff, and no one is interested in taking prisoners.

How to learn to freestyle?

In this extensive article, we will cover the following:

  1. How to improve your freestyle rapping skills
  2. How to increase your freestyle rapping vocabulary
  3. How to make fine improvements to your freestyle rhyming ability
  4. How to increase your confidence, so that you will feel unstoppable when you touch the microphone
  5. Insider pointers on how to master the art of using metaphors and punch lines while rhyming

Our first step begins with touching on tricks and tips that will help you expand your freestyle rap skill set. We will then move on to other pointers that will help you become motivated and ready to take on the freestyle legends in the world.

1. Reading the Words While Exploring the Rhyme Zone

What makes a freestyle rapper great? They have a large vocabulary in their tool kit. When they reach in this tool kit, they are able to recite dope rhymes that will blow your socks off.

Many novice emcees fail to take measures that will expand their vocabulary. This is one of the primary reasons why they fail to reach their full potential. It’s also critical to point out that a limited vocabulary will put you at risk when you battle an experienced freestyle rapper.

This tip will help you recite words from your subconscious without any difficulty. This will give you a huge edge over the competition. Can you imagine the crowd’s response when you hit them with the dopest terms?

You don’t have time to think while freestyling. You must be fluid. If you take a moment to think of your next verse, you will be a sitting duck. I’ve seen it happen so many times.

The Freestyling Rhyme Zone

This is a simple technique, but it’s extremely effective. Fortunately for you, I’m going to share it with you.

You need to do the following things so that you can snatch your rhymes from your brain at will:

  1. Select a word that you love using during your freestyle performances.
  2. Visit
  3. Type your favorite rhyme word in the browser.
  4. Recite every rhyme out loud on the page four times. That’s all you have to do!

Do not underestimate this technique. It works extremely well.

If you take heed to this tip, there’s no reason why you will not be able to become an accomplished freestyle rapper.

This is one shrewd rapper move that can take you to the top.

Side Bar

I just wanted to point this out before moving on. Make sure you take notice of the ALMOST RHYMES at the bottom of the page. This will help you stretch your syllables like a freestyle champion.

Make sure you read the words out loud while stretching your syllables. It will take a little time for you to get comfortable with this tactic. Once you get the hang of things, your lyrical ability will begin to explode.

Bonus Tip

Since I am interested in seeing you blossom into a great freestyle rapper, I’ve decided to share a bonus tip with you.

During the first week, I recommend that you recite your everyday words out loud to the words you normally use for your freestyle performances.

Once you get comfortable with this technique, we suggest that you use the rhyme words to devastating full out freestyle raps. Your rhyme words should come at the end of your lines.

You can play a beat if you need to work on your natural flowing ability and timing.

You may sound corny at first, but you will get better over time. Learning how to compile lyrics is a process.

2. Using a Random Word Generator to Get Better at Freestyle Rhyming

A random word generator plays a crucial role in your freestyle development. This is the main reason why I decided to discuss it.

Turn it on and start flowing. The random word generator will create new words as you rhyme. In the end, you will never run out of words to add to your rhymes.

rapper singing freestyle

You can expect this special tool to create at least eight words when you press the button. After using the random word generator for a few weeks, your freestyle skill set will be on another level. You will be able to move from word to word with ease. Everyone will be amazed at your ability.

Can you imagine how you will feel when everyone starts to invite you to perform at their parties? There’s even a strong possibility that music producers will take notice of your newfound talent. This could lead to a new record deal.

At the end of the day, the sky will be the limit.

3. Getting Better with a Noun Generator

Freestyle rap is extremely competitive these days. I don’t hesitate to make an earnest effort at taking measures that will separate me from other rappers. However, I love helping people.

So, I decided to share this inside secret with your.

A random word generator is effective at helping you expand your vocabulary, but it doesn’t have all the answers.

I compliment my random word generator with a noun generator. I know you’ve probably never heard of a noun generator.

A noun generator will help you build up your word association ability, your metaphors, and your punch lines.

Let me clarify my point.

Metaphors and punch lines are built around nouns. If you weren’t sleeping during English class, you know that a noun is a person, place, or thing.

A random word generator does not focus on bringing up nouns, so this will hinder your ability to develop solid punch lines.

Let’s take a close look at an example:

Go to Google and type this web address into your search browser:

Carefully click to ten and ten new ones will pop up within seconds.

Please keep in mind that you should be looking for word associations with the nouns created by the generator.

This will change your thought process and help you build strong word associations. I covered this in my course.

4. Learning New Words with the Dictionary

If you want to learn how to freestyle, you must build up your vocabulary. Successful freestyle rappers have an extensive vocabulary.

You can improve your vocabulary by using Merriam Webster as your homepage. Learning one new word a day helped me become a successful freestyle rap artist.

I enjoy seeing another rapper cringe when I hit them with new words from my vocabulary. To be honest, my vast vocabulary has helped me win dozens of freestyle contests over the years.

When I get online, the Merriam Webster homepage pops up with the new word of the day. I recommend that you follow suit.

The little things count in freestyle rap, and learning new words will have a huge impact on your rapping ability. One word can make the difference during a battle. It could help the pendulum swing in your favor.

Please take heed to this simple tip. It will help you become a dope freestyle rapper.

5. Be Ready to Freestyle Rap at All Times

When you are a well-known freestyle rapper in your area, you can be challenged anytime. This is the main reason why you must be on point.

When rappers wage war during a freestyle contest, they are prepared for the challenge. They are ready to spit their lyrics and slay their opponent.

If a talented freestyle rapper catches you off guard, there’s a strong possibility that they may embarrass you. You don’t want that to happen. If it does, you could lose some of your shine.

I want you to become a well-rounded freestyle rapper. I want you to be ready for surprises. I had to learn the hard way.

What should you do? You should have at least 9 to 17 bars ready at all times. If you are hanging out at a party and witness a freestyle battle, you may be tempted to jump in. Having your bars on deck will help the lyrics flow from your mouth.

Don’t you want everyone to see you as the ‘Sultan of Freestyle’? You can if you keep your bars on deck.

Over the years, I’ve learned how important it is to have my bars handy. This philosophy has helped me earn a solid reputation in the Hip Hop community. Guys know that I am ready to battle anytime.

I want you to be prepared. This will help you develop a killer instinct. When you have this, you will not show any mercy.

I don’t mean to sound repetitive, but being ready to battle separates the great emcees from average emcees. If you have any desire to become one of the greatest freestyle rappers of all time, you must be ready to spit your lyrics at the drop of a dime.

6. Having Freestyle Bars at Hand

I won 60 consecutive freestyle battles. No one stood a chance when they challenged me. I knew that I was ready to take things to another level. After the battle, I wanted my challengers to respect my rhyming ability.

How did I perfect my craft? I created mental note pads for different freestyle rappers. I concentrated on using different bars on different emcees.

If someone was overweight, my brain shifted to my rhymes for overweight people. I knew I could tear them up with my slick bars.

I told one big guy that his mother had to call a towing service to pull him away from the kitchen table. This punch line worked wonders for me.

I also have punch lines for skinny guys. Yes, I don’t have any problems with embarrassing the skinny guys in front of the crowd. I remember embarrassing one skinny guy so bad, he was no longer interested in taking me on in future freestyle battles.

Hey, I almost forgot to tell you that I focus on shoes. If my opponent’s shoes are the worse for wear, I will call him out. I will get on the ground and point out his shoes to the crowd.

If your shoes are not up to par, you should never challenge me to a freestyle battle. You will regret it.

Please be mindful of your hand gestures, passion, and energy level. These factors play a huge role in freestyle rapping.

7. Fall Your ‘Stall Word’

This ingenious freestyle rap tip elevated my confidence and my skills. Fortunately, only a few people know about this tip. I don’t mind sharing it with you.

There’s a strong possibility that you may need to take a moment to think while freestyling. This is why you should find a ‘stall word’. This will give you the golden opportunity to pause and think.

I saw Eminem participate in freestyle battles back in the day. He was smart, slick, and creative. His delivery was smooth and fast. I noticed that he used several ‘stall words’ during heated battles.

Did this make him look bad? No, it helped him stay in the battle. His stall words gave him time to come up with the next line.

What is a stall word? A stall word is the word you use between your bars.

Here are some examples of stall words:

  • Yo yo
  • Ayo
  • Let me clarify
  • Check this out ya’ll

Don’t underestimate the usage of stall words. They play a vital role in freestyle rap. If you use them correctly, they will save your hide.

8. Using Hand-Off Bars

In some cases, you may be asked to participate in a group battle. You may want to take it easy since you are rapping with several people. There’s no need for you to use words to destroy someone.

However, you should consider using hand-off bars. A hand-off bar is the last bar you spit before someone jumps in.

What makes hand-off bars special? They can help you stand out, and they leave a lasting impression on people.

It’s also important to mention that hand-off bars can be used as an extended courtesy. When you drop a hand-off bar, you are opening the door for the next rapper to jump in. They will appreciate your generosity.

Some emcees use hand-off bars if they forget one of their lines. There’s nothing wrong with that. In the art of lyrical war, all is fair in my eyes.

9. Record Your Freelance Sessions

Your aim should focus on becoming a dope emcee. Recording your freelance sessions will improve your skills. You can review your recording and see where you made your mistakes.

Your recordings will be your teacher. You can listen to your delivery, your tone, and your finishes. Obviously, before you record anything, you need to learn how to write a rap song.

I record my freelance sessions all the time. My friends think I should be past this point, but I know that I haven’t reached my full potential. Thanks to my library of recorded sessions, I am a top-notch freestyle rapper in my area. In my humble opinion, I believe I can take anyone out within five minutes.

Are you fond of your rap voice? If not, you need to take your recordings seriously. They can help you develop the perfect tone for your lyrics.

10. Practice in Front of Crowds

I miss my grandfather. He was a wonderful man. I remember him saying, “Don’t be afraid to test yourself.” I know this may seem like a simple statement, but it is profound.

If you want to excel in this game, you must be willing to test your skills in front of people. You cannot afford to be shy. This type of behavior will stunt your growth.

rapper in freestyling practice

You can start off with practicing your skills in front of your friends and family members. This will help increase your comfort level. When your comfort level gets to a certain point, you will know that it will be time for you to hit the parks, streets, and stage.

This section is probably the best section in this article. Not only will it help you become a dope freestyle rapper, it will help you out in other areas of your life.

You will be able to do the following without any feelings of discomfort:

  1. You will not be afraid to approach attractive women
  2. You will be able to form better bonds with your family and friends
  3. You will be in a better position to network with others and build a loyal fan base
  4. You will be able to gain everyone’s respect. This includes fans, business partners, and others

People will not respect you if you don’t have respect for yourself.

You should carry yourself with pride and dignity. People will begin to take notice of you.

I remember how hard it was to cope with the lifestyle of freestyle rap. So many people have their eyes on you. If you don’t meet their expectations, they will diss you.

I learned that if I don’t believe in myself, no one else will. So, I worked on my self-esteem. It got to the point where I felt comfortable looking anyone in their eyes. I knew my newfound esteem and determination would open doors for me.

It’s time for you to emerge from your shell. You are filled with pure potential. Besides spitting freestyle raps, you can accomplish other goals. Have you ever thought about that?

Here are some things that I do to keep my confidence intact:

1. Rap in the Mirror Everyday

This may seem crazy, but you will see outstanding results when you rap in the mirror every day. Besides practicing your flow, you are taking a hard look at yourself. You are reminding yourself that you are a phenomenal human being.

2. Send Messages to Beautiful Girls

You should send random messages to beautiful girls on social media. Go to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Look for attractive girls and send them a thoughtful message.

Are you trolling? No, you are not trolling. You are practicing your communication skills.

Will you get some rejections? Sure, some of these girls will not be interested in communicating with you. However, that is beside the point.

This exercise will build your self-confidence and your self-esteem. You are also learning how to accept rejection.

Everyone in the Hip Hop scene will not be fond of your rhyming ability. Luckily for you, there will be others with a different opinion.

3. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

This is not the time for you to procrastinate. Do you want to become a dope freestyle rapper? Step out of your comfort zone.

Besides taking chances in freestyle battles, you should take chances in life. The experience will help you become a well-rounded person. In the end, you will become a better emcee.


How to learn to freestyle? Becoming a freestyle legend will take time. You must be willing to pay the price.

When you pay the price, you will reach your goal. It’s also critical for you to use the tips in this article. They will help you excel!

See you at the next freestyle battle!