There are so many talented rappers on the scene these days. It’s not unusual for top-notch rappers to test their skills, and put their reputation on the line in rap battles.

There’s nothing wrong with having a competitive spirit. Being competitive will help you keep a sharp edge over others. In this case, you have to take action if you have aspirations of becoming one of the best rappers in the game.


There’s an old saying in life, “Practice makes perfect.” With practice, your writing skills and rapping skills will develop over time.

Contrary to popular belief, it takes patience and hard work to become a well-respected rapper. Back in the day, over 100 black kids at my school questioned my rapping ability. They felt that white kids did not know how to rap.

Fortunately for me, I was focused on being the best. This motivated me to practice my rhyming craft every day. This approach paid big dividends.

When those kids called me out for a rap battle, I accepted their challenge and did well. I gained respect and made new friends.

In this article, I’m going to share ten tips on how to rap better. They worked extremely well for me. There’s no reason why they cannot work well for you.

1. How to Rap Better: Practice!

As I stated earlier, you must practice if you want to become a good emcee. When you do something over and over again, you are bound to see improvement.

Have you heard of Robert Greene? This talented author wrote the book ‘Mastery’. It is one of my favorites. To be honest, I believe I read the book 13 times.

In the book, Mr. Greene discusses the importance of practicing your craft. He shares countless examples of great men who became masters of their craft through practice. Gentlemen like Albert Einstein, Mozart, and Benjamin Franklin were focused on improving their skills.

You must take the same approach. If you want to become great at anything in life, you must practice. This is why I practice my rapping skills every day. Yes, my tight schedule makes it difficult for me to maintain my practice sessions. However, my dedication helps me overcome these challenges.

Let’s say you commit yourself to practicing your rhyming and lyric writing 20 minutes every day. This simple strategy you will become a better rapper. Your friends, relatives, and other rappers will notice your improvement.

Arnold Palmer said, “The more I practice, the luckier I got.” You should take his advice to heart. Mr. Palmer is one of the greatest golfers in professional golf history.

With practice, you will become a force to be reckoned with.

2. Check out More Hip Hop Music

This is a simple tip, but it can yield powerful results. If you want to become a better rapper, it’s critical for you to check out more hip hop music.

I focused on studying one rapper for an entire week. I listened to their music and took notes. I analyzed their lyrical strengths and weaknesses.

I recited their rhymes carefully. I looked for ways in which they could improve. However, I made sure that I did not copy their style.

I remember doing a podcast interview several weeks ago. I did not have a problem with disclosing the fact that I scout my competition by listening to their music. This may seem weird to some rappers, but this has helped me take my rapping skills to the next level.

If you want to learn how to rap better, you must be a student of hip hop. This requires you to check out more rap music.

3. Don’t be Afraid to Try New Things

Rap music continues to evolve. You must be willing to try new things. For example, you should consider making a slight adjustment to your delivery. This could help you drop awesome bars during heated rap battles.

Having confidence in your rhyming ability is the key to becoming a solid rapper, so you should have an open mind about trying new things.

4. Don’t Stop Evolving

I’ve been in the rap game for over 12 years. Some people view me as a veteran in the game, but I know there’s always room for improvement. I know there are some areas that I need to work on.

I personally believe that my honesty is one of my best traits. I credit my honesty for helping me become a talented rapper. It has helped me stay grounded over the years. Yes, I get compliments all the time, but I know that I can get better.

guy and girl dancing to rap songs

As I stated earlier, rap music continues to evolve as time progresses. You must stay with the times. What works now, may not work next year.

Many rappers fail to evolve. This is why you see so many of them fall off and lose their credibility with the hip hop audience.

Let’s look at Jay Z. Jay has been in the hip hop game for over 20 years. However, Jay knew he had to evolve to stay on top. Jay Z’s intelligence and willingness to evolve helped him become one of the most successful rappers of all time.

When I started rapping, I really had a hard time dealing with rappers that delievered hardcore punch lines. It was extremely difficult for me to bounce back after being hit with a devastating punch line during a battle. I knew I had to learn how to deal with these types of emcees.

I learned how to deliver punch lines, worked on my flow, and I added hooks to my rhymes. I knew I was good, but doing these things really helped me become a well-rounded rapper.

To become great in the rap game, you must push yourself hard. You cannot afford to become complacent. If you do, other rappers will surpass you.

I enjoy sharing my advice to aspiring rappers. Taking heed to my advice will work wonders for you, but you must also use your brain. Your intelligence will help you go far.

Don’t make the mistake of taking advice from people who don’t have any experience in the industry. I am a well-respected rapper with years of experience under my belt.

Many people want to know how to rap better. I will be the first one to tell them that they must work hard and evolve with the times. So should you!

5. Work on Your Confidence Levels in Private

You may be a talented writer, but this will not help you if you are timid on the stage. Hip hop fans enjoy seeing an emcee dropping their lyrics with authority. If you give them the impression that you are shy or weak, they will not hesitate to boo you off the stage.

I get tracks from aspiring rappers all the time. Some of these prospective artists are awesome, but many of them are not delivering their rhymes with confidence. From my experience, this can hinder any rapper from reaching their full potential.

Let’s say I’m holding the microphone in front of a large crowd. I say, “I’m on top of my game and I’m hot as a flame.” Well, this is great on paper. However, it’s my responsibility to say this with authority. If I deliver this lyric with a weak voice, the audience will not be impressed.

Now, if I drop this lyric with a commanding voice, the crowd will go bananas!

You must have faith in your ability. This is the only way you will be able to pump up the crowd. Once the crowd is energized, it will become easier for you to entertain them.

What do you need to bring to the table? You must work on the following things: your energy level, your passion, your flow, and your tone.

Make an earnest effort to master these things in private. When you do, nothing will stand in your way once your confidence begins to soar.

Please keep in mind that working on your confidence in private will help you blossom into a talented emcee.

6. Stay Competitive

My grandfather used to say, “Only the strong shall survive and the weak shall fall by the waste side.” This old adage applies to rappers. If you want to be the best, you must be competitive at all times.

If you want to become a rap legend, you must be focused and driven. This is the only way to make it to the top. You also need to learn to freestyle.

How can you stay competitive? This is where your mind comes in. In your mind, you should view other rappers as competitors that are trying to knock you off your thrown.

Your rap rivals will do anything to beat you in a battle. This is why you should view other rappers as a threat to your crown. You have to view yourself as the king of rap. When you adopt this perspective, it will become very difficult for your competition to keep up with you.

Making rap a competition is a fun and rewarding experience. You will begin to learn more, grow, and evolve.

7. Take Rap Courses

Taking rap courses is one of the best things you can do for your talent. There are dozens of experienced emcees offering courses to ambitious rappers. It’s important for you to take advantage of their offer.

What can you expect from a rap course? The instructor will cover topics that are appropriate for beginning rappers, intermediate rappers, and advanced rappers. They know you want to know how to rap better.

There’s as strong possibility that the instructor will have you face off against other students. This type of experience will help you get better at rapping in front of a crowd. After you complete a course, you will have better skills and more confidence.

Some rappers are too proud to take a rap course. However, some of the finest rappers of all time have taken a rap course at some point during their career. It’s fair to say that one rap course can turn you into a lyrical beast in no time.

8. Use YouTube Audio Library

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that rappers need beats for their rhymes. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to pay a producer to create beats for your wicked raps. You can turn to YouTube Audio Library.

Go to Google and type “YouTube Audio Library” into the search browser. Look for hip hop beats. You should not have any trouble with finding hundreds of dope beats.

When you find beats that appeal to your rapping style, download them to your computer or laptop. You can use the beats at your leisure, but you must give credit to the creator of the beat.

You will find tons of dynamic beats and you can use them free of charge. Giving props to the creator is a tidy price to pay for the usage of their beat.

Beat makers are notorious for charging thousands of dollars for their beats. This tip alone will help you save a tremendous amount of money.

Can you afford to pay someone $8,000 for a three-minute beat? I didn’t think so!

9. Don’t Overlook Topical Word Banks

Let’s say you want to write a dope track around a particular theme or subject. If you need a boost in the creativity department, you can use Google for inspiration. Go to Google and type “words list by theme” into the search browser.

You will get direct access to unique rhyme schemes. This little trick is used by some of the best rappers today.

10. Voice to Text is Your Friend

You can produce tons of lyrics with the voice to text feature on your mobile phone. The voice to text feature will help you express your ideas with ease. Just touch the microphone logo and spit your hot bars.

Final Word

How to rap better? It’s not unusual for rappers to ask this question daily. They are looking for the secret that will help them become a dope rapper.

Can you become a great emcee? Yes, but you must be ready to work hard and exercise patience.

Following the ten tips listed above can help you get off to a great start.

It’s time for you to get cracking!