So, want to become a dope rapper?

Chances are you don’t know where to begin.

There is so much misinformation out there. This is the main reason why you must be careful while searching for advice. Getting poor advice from the wrong source can make it extremely difficult for you to blossom into a talented rapper.

Fortunately for you, I am a heavy hitter on the Hip Hop scene. I’m going to share some of my most valuable secrets with you. If you use them wisely, they can propel you to the top. You can thank me later.

This article is for people who want to learn to rap, read this article if you want to know how to rap better.


This guide was created for novice rappers, but intermediate rappers should find some valuable gems. Let’s get things underway.

Learn How to Rhyme

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to know that learning how to rap will be your first step towards reaching superstardom.

You must learn how to write tight lyrics.

At this stage, it’s in your best interest to practice saying your rhymes. Does practice make perfect? No, but it can help you become a well-rounded emcee over time.

Keep in mind that you must commit yourself to this craft. If you are not willing to practice your rhymes, you will not get far. It’s really that simple!

Learn How Rap: Interpret Rhyme Schemes

When you become a fluid rapper, you can start studying rhyme schemes.

What are rhyme schemes? They are the pattern of rhymes that come after each line of your raps.

Is it mandatory for you to study rhyme schemes? Absolutely! If you don’t, you can kiss your dreams of becoming a dope rapper good-bye.

I could discuss rhyme schemes for hours. In the best interest of time, I suggest that you check out some sources online.

I don’t want to bore you with the dynamics of rhyme schemes. Let’s move on to learning how to stretch syllables.

Mastering the Art of Manipulating and Stretching Syllables

Does the word orange rhyme with door hinge? At first glance, you will say “Of course not”. However, if you stretch the syllables, you can get these words to rhyme.

This is an old trick used by top-notch emcees around the globe.

When mastering the art of manipulating and stretching syllables, you will not have any trouble with expanding your thought process while writing.

Penmanship plays a huge role in your success. If you have a mad pen game, it will show during your freestyle performances.

Don’t be afraid to stretch the syllables.

Counting Bars

Counting bars is probably the hottest topic in Hip Hop these days. It’s not unusual for emcees to brag about dropping bars on their competition. To be honest, I love dropping bars on my challengers. You should see the look on their face when I overwhelm them with dynamic bars.

If you are going to write bars, you must learn what they are. This will help you write them correctly, and you will be able to record dope music.

Work on Your Rap Flow

When you write your lyrics, you should say them out loud. I know you are not interested in becoming an R&B artist, but you should consider singing your lyrics. This will help you develop a smooth flow.

Stretch the end of your words or the beginning of your words. This will bring everything together. In time, your rap flow will improve.


Discover Your Rapping Voice

This is extremely important! Your rap voice will set the precedent for your career. The Hip Hop audience will either love your rap voice, or they will hate it. There’s no in-between.

Everyone is not in love with my rapping, but that does not discourage me.

If you were born with a great voice, there’s really no need for you to worry about having skills.

People will fall in love with your style and voice.

If you need to work on your voice, you should start today. Don’t procrastinate!

Your voice will help you build a loyal fan base. Can you imagine how you would feel if you had millions of followers on your social media account? Your voice can make this happen. Get started today!

Learn How to Structure Your Song

I really don’t want to go into extensive details on this one. You can find tons of information online about song structure.

In short, song structure is how the words are arranged in the song.

It goes like this: verses, chorus, pre chorus, post chorus, bridge, intro, and outro.


Will you start with a verse or chorus? Will your verses be long? These are the questions must address while structuring your song.

If your song is not structured well, it will turn off your audience.

From my experience, you will be better off starting with a twelve to sixteen bar verse. This will set the stage for your chorus.

You will gain more experience with song structure over time.

Song Choruses are Important

You will be making a huge mistake if you take choruses lightly. They are the lifeblood of music. Choruses are responsible for creating huge monster hits for rap artists.

Make Sure You Practice Daily

I love being upfront with people. If you don’t practice daily, you will not improve.

Some aspiring emcees believe they can master their craft within a few days. The business does not work like this!

You must be ready to invest time into honing your skills.

I practice my skills every day. I know that there’s always room for improvement.

Intense practice sessions will polish your skills.

Get to Know the Culture

Getting familiar with Hip Hop culture will give you the right mindset. I wish I knew about this in the beginning. My skills would have developed faster.

You want to know how to rap? Simply follow the tips listed above. They are simple and extremely effective.

These are the things I have learned over the years.

Read them in good wealth, and put them into practice.